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To join existing projects or for new project ideas please reach out to CNC or our youth team

The Youth Space is a multi-functional space with an open plan living area, wifi, kitchen, and various options for entertainment such as tv, video games, pool table, card games and board games.

3 years ago, the space was just another white-walled office building from a pedestrian's point of view. So in 2021 with the help of some creative and inspired young people, the mural project was born, and has continued to grow ever since!

Now (in 2023) you can see many individual and collaborative pieces on display in our ever-evolving space.


Living and growing up in the Upper Murray means that we are always surrounded by nature's beauty, but the destruction caused by the 2019-20 bushfires became a real eye-opener for many.

As a result the Upper Murray Youth Working Group decided that they wanted to learn more about the relationship between natural disasters and climate change, as well as ways they can be more sustainable in everyday life and create a positive future.

The way we figured we would support this idea was by growing & cooking with fresh produce grown at the upcoming community youthspace garden @42 Hanson Street

If this is an area you are passionate about, we'd love to hear from you!

Coming soon...

As part of bushfire recovery initiatives, the UMYWG identified the need for a new/improved skatepark. It's taken a few years, however we are now seeing real progress with the council who have hired a design team, and established a project reference group to advise on the local community's needs.

The main difference we are hoping to see is more variety in obstacles and skill levels so that both beginners and advanced users can enjoy the park.

We are ensuring that young people are being recognised for their input, and have the opportunity to be paid for their time.

Get in touch to learn more!

Keep up to date with the progress of the new Corryong Skatepark project - View the plans here!

Here at CNC we know its crucial to get young people prepared for whatever life might throw at them

- Resumes

- Courses & driving

- Tech Assistance

- Tax / superannuation

- Employment Opportunities

- Skill building

- Centrelink support

- Vicroads Support

What started in 2021 as an 'easy little zine project' in between lockdowns has become much more!

We have done research and experimentation into what it actually takes to pull together a media publication, however need a group of passionate young people to take the lead if this is to progress.

Moving forward we are trying to create a supportive network of young photographers, journalists, film-makers, illustrators, and other creatives who are willing to try new things in our community, and share their stories.

We have also introduced young people to the world of local media, which could open many more opportunities. Let us know if you're keen to get involved!

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2024 boost

Short & long term

- First Aid

- Mental health first aid

- yacvic trainings