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Learn more about various projects that the UMYWG are or have been involved in.

The Youthspace is a multi-functional space with a large living area, wifi, kitchen, and various options for entertainment such as tv, video games, pool table, card games and board games. The only thing was that from a pedestrian's view the Youthspace was just another white walled office building with very little curb appeal. So in mid-late 2021, and with the help of some creative and inspired young people, the mural project was born, and has continued to grow ever since.

Living and growing up in the Upper Murray means that we are always surrounded by nature's beauty, but the destruction caused by the 2019-20 bushfires became a real eye-opener for many. As a result the Upper Murray Youth Working Group decided that they wanted to learn more about the relationship between natural disasters and climate change, as well as ways they can be more sustainable in everyday life and create a positive future.

What started in 2021 as an 'easy little project' to work on in between lockdowns has become much more! We have done plenty of research and experimentation into what it actually takes to pull together a full publication. Moving forward we are trying to create a supportive network of young photographers, journalists, and creatives who are willing to try new things in our community, and tell their story.

Our story

Origin of the high def chicken

Hand-drawn chicken head which features in the UMYWG logo

You may be wondering why the UMYWG logo is a chicken head... well here's the tale that crept its way into all our hearts.

As the red glow in the sky got brighter, and the hot flames started creeping over Mt Mittamatite, it soon became clear that the bushfire wouldn't be going away. Local residents were forced to decide whether they should stay or go; to help protect their community, or get to safety while there was still the opportunity to do so.

People with animals were also faced with the impossible decision to either take or leave them to fend for themselves. In most cases people managed to bring their cats or dogs with them, however in a rural town there's always more animals than this, and it was people's backyard chooks who pulled the short straw in the end.

Our tale in particular focusses on a small chook shed on the outskirts of town, home to about 5 hens. There were no true witnesses to this next part of the story, yet the miraculousness has no other explaination. By this time the fire had blazed through the paddocks that separate Corryong and the mountain, and soon was licking the sides of the chicken house. It would seem that all was surely lost for the poor girls who were currently trapped inside, yet as the flames raged from every angle, their plastic water barrel suddenly gave way - flooding the pen and extinguishing the blaze! The chickens were discovered shortly after covered in ash, charcoal and smoke, but alive.

Chickens aren't often used as a symbol of resilience or survival, generally because the term has become associated with being scared or unwilling to try things. But after hearing this story at one of the first UMYWG meetings, the group decided to embrace the chicken head logo with full force, as it seemed to represent us more than any traditional symbol of survival ever could.

As for 'high def', well that's another story... (let me give you a hint; it's better than 'low res')

And a big thank you to Hannigan our local artist for designing and refining our logo!




Meet the crew

While the UMYWG is a constantly evolving group of individuals, we do have some regulars and OG crew members who have helped shape the projects we support.

Errol Obran

CNC Youth Worker

Adele Miles

CNC Youth Worker

Hannigan Heycox

CNC Youth Artist

Abigail Davis

Makayla Ardley

Paige Heinjus

Ethan Learmonth

Beau Humphrey

Beau Morley

Lane Klipple

Riley Bloom

Darby Whitehead

Rachel Paton

Quinn Obran

Eden Cook

Hayley Drew

Jamie Byrne

Chaise Heinjus

Tom Hewatt


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5 September, 2022

Klein says:

Meditation classes/acting classes/reading group (theres a group like this in melbourne, “Read The Room” thats cool)

1 September, 2022

Emmatt says:

Dungeons & Dragons, Wood working, Video Games